Professional Wool Rug Cleaning Service

Wool, like other natural fibers, can be a sensitive material. If you spill something on your wool rug or notice a stain, don’t risk damaging it by cleaning it yourself. Stiff brushes can pull out fibers and cause rips, household chemicals can stain your rug or cause light spots. If your wool rug needs cleaning, call the experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida. Regular steam cleaning can cause your rug to shrink, creating unsightly ripples in the fabric. Don’t just call any company out of the phone book, trust the Oriental Rug Cleaning professionals.

For the best results, we use a gentle hand wash method. We start by dusting or “air washing” your rug. Then we pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled spots. Then we clean your rug by agitating the sediment, suspending, then extracting it. We finish up by rinsing your rug, then restoring it with special combs.

Silk Rug Cleaning Service

Silk rugs can be very delicate and don’t do well under the heat and pressure of standard steam cleaning. For some silk rugs, hand-washing can cause dye to bleed. That’s why the experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida use a specialized dry cleaning process. First, rugs are air washed to remove the superficial dirt and dust. Next, the rug is sprayed with a low-moisture dry cleaning solution. The solution breaks down stains and soil. We then buff your rug by hand to break stains away from the fibers, and finish with another air washing. This cleaning method is ideal for the most delicate of rugs. There is no risk of shrinkage or color runs with this method.

As always, our services are 100% guaranteed. Free estimates are available, as well as free pick-up and delivery of all rugs. Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida also offers additional services such as Scotchguard, sanitizing, and premium cut-to-order area rug padding.