Southwest Ranches Oriental Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Southwest Ranches has been serving Broward County with professional area rug cleaning and award winning customer service for over a decade. Our business thrives because of the quality of our cleaning and the kindness of our staff. We love repeat customers who stay with us for years and we invite you to become one today!

Oriental and Area Rug cleaning can be a tough job. Also, there are many things that could go wrong, causing irreparable damage to your beautiful handmade, delicate, or antique area rug. Trust the experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida, serving greater Southwest Ranches in Broward County.

Oriental Rug Hand Washing

Our Powerful 6-step process for gentle area rug cleaning begins with inspection. Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida technicians thoroughly inspect your area rug for spots or heavy staining that needs special attention, wear marks that may be repaired, or fringes that need to be replaced. Next, we dust or “air wash” your area rug with pressurized oxygen in order to remove dust and particulate matter. Air washing is much more effective that dusting or beating your area rug when it comes to removing superficial dirt and dust.

The next step, pre-treatment, involves the application of stain removing solvents to specific spots on your Oriental rug, making the cleaning process that much more effective. The cleaning process involves agitating, dissolving, and extracting soil and dirt from your rug’s carpet fibers. This process can remove all sorts of stains, spots, and traffic marks from your area rug. After the cleaning and stain removal is finished, the area rug is rinsed in soft water. By this point all ground in dirt and stains will have been loosened¬† and washed away.

After the cleaning and rinsing, the rug is combed with special grooming tools in order to restore the look and feel of the fibers. Finally area rugs are dried in our climate-controlled drying room. Once your rug is dry it can be packaged for storing at our facility, wrapped and shipped to a specific location, or delivered for free directly to your doorstep.

Organic and Eco Friendly Area Rug Cleaning

Whether we steam clean or hand wash your area rug, Oriental Rug Cleaning Southwest Ranches always uses organic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Not only do we like to protect our earth and atmosphere that we all share, but organic carpet and rug cleaning solutions are gentler and better for use on delicate, old, or antique area rugs.

Area Rug Repairs, Padding, and Protection – Southwest Ranches Special!

Oriental Rug Cleaning South Florida serves Southwest Ranches with excellent services that take us above and beyond other area rug cleaning companies. If your area rug is in need of repairs like replaced fringes or new backing, Oriental Rug Southwest Ranches can help. We also offer cut to order premium Opti-Mat area rug padding. This padding will protect your rug from moisture, dust, and slippage.

Residents in these zip codes may qualify for FREE Scotchguard:

33029, 33330, 33331, 33332

Free Pickup and Delivery on All Area Rugs

Oriental Rug Cleaning Southwest Ranches offers free pickup and delivery all across Broward county. After our service technician gives you a free on-site estimate, your rug is rolled up and transported to our cleaning facility at no cost. Our free pickup service will treat your area rug with respect for its quality, design, and craftsmanship. After hand washing your delicate silk, wool, or other natural antique area rug, we deliver it for free directly to your home or office at no extra cost. Homes and offices in the following zip codes qualify for free pickup and delivery on all area rugs:  33029, 33330, 33331, 33332