Ives Estates Area Rug Cleaning specializes in all types of rugs. From synthetic fiber to custom blends, our team of specially trained experts will treat your area rug with industry-leading care and quality. While some area rugs can be steam cleaned in the home, most are taken to our state-of-the-art facility to be hand washed with our 5-step process. Ives Estates Area Rug Cleaning offers free estimates, and free pick-up and delivery for area rugs of all shapes and sizes.

Dirt, soil, food stains, wine stains, and pet stains can be visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, most germs and allergens are not. Don’t wait for these harmful pollutants to build up, call Ives Estates Area Rug Cleaning today!


We offer full cleaning, restoration, and repair services for all types of area rugs. Do you have a beautiful oriental rug that has seen better days? Ives Estates Oriental Rug Restoration services will have it looking, feeling, and smelling like new! We can also repair or replace your Oriental rug fringing. Ives Estates Oriental Rug Restoration also offers a guaranteed 100% pet odor removal. Call us today to schedule your free estimate! As always, Ives Estates Oriental Rug Restoration provides free pick-up and delivery services.

Ives Estates Oriental Rug Restoration cleans your rug with an industry-leading 5-step process. First, we perform a deep dusting on your silk, afghan, or Oriental rug to remove dirt, dust, and particulate matter. Next we per-treat your rug with a special non-abrasive solution to soften any stains. Third, we gently but thoroughly buff your Oriental rug to remove all surface stains. Next we hand wash your rug to remove any stains that have penetrated the fibers. Finally, Ives Estates Oriental Rug Restoration rinses away all shampoos and solutions, allowing it to dry quickly.


At Ives Estates Persian Rug Cleaning, we specialize in rich and colorful rugs. We can restore old and faded Persian rugs to their former glory. We take every precaution to maintain the integrity of your beautiful rug. Ives Estates Persian Rug Cleaning never uses harmful or damaging chemicals. We treat your Persian rug with the highest standards of quality, care, and service. Call Ives Estates Persian Rug Cleaning today for your free estimate! We also offer free pick-up and delivery.

Our 5-step cleaning process ensures at all of Ives Estates Persian Rug Cleaning customers are completely satisfied. First, we dust your rug to remove any dirt and soil. Second, we hand-wash your Persian rug to remove stains. Next, we rinse your rug and hang it to dry. Finally, as a finishing touch we clean your carpet’s fringes.


Wool rugs can be especially difficult to clean. Don’t risk damaging your wool area rug by cleaning it yourself. Wool fibers should not be steam cleaned or shampooed. Call Ives Estates Wool Rug Cleaning to have it handled by experts. We will hand-wash your wool area rug to ensure maximum results with no damage done to your carpet. No matter the shape or size of your wool area rug, Ives Estates Wool Rug Cleaning offers free pick-up and delivery. Call us today for your free estimate!


Do you love your pet but don’t know what to do about the accidents? Have no fear, Ives Estates Carpet Cleaning offers 100% pet odor removal guaranteed on all area rugs. When your dog or cat has an accident, uric acid is deposited onto the carpet. It the stain is not handled immediately, the uric acid crystallizes and becomes very difficult to remove. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Ives Estates Pet Odor.

Removal today for your free estimate. We use special enzymes to break down uric acid and lighten stains. We then steam clean or hand-wash your carpet or area rug to further reduce, and in most cases completely remove, any residual staining.


Besides our full array of cleaning services, Ives Estates also offers area rug repairs as well as padding cleaning and new padding sales. From weaving and stitching, to fringing and color restoration Ives Estates
Area Rug Repairs does it all! We restore and repair hooked rugs, woken rugs, braided rugs, knotted rugs, shag rugs, tufted rugs, antique rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, and more!
Some area rugs are family heirlooms; some are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Give Ives Estates Area Rug Repairs the privilege of restoring your rug to its former glory.